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Now Open – Huge Inventory of Over 600 Sylvester Palm Trees. Come to the Farm and Pick Your Perfect Palm. We also Deliver and Install on Your Location.

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Live Sylvester date palms in Acadiana

Buy Local Palms

For any size project, there are many benefits to purchasing your palm tree from Louisiana Palm Farms. Beautify your property and enjoy the advantages of buying from a local palm farm.


Save Time

Take a short drive to our huge tree farm in Erath, Louisiana and pick your perfect palm on the spot! Over 600 palms in stock. 


Save Money

We sell wholesale to everyone! Why pay retail? There’s no need. Wholesale to the public and the professionals! We assume all the expense and risk of transportation. We buy from the source in Florida and pass the savings on to you.


Save Your Investment

Transporting live trees is expensive and risky. Road damage, acclimation stress, and transplant shock can ruin your landscaping plans. Let Frank take the risk and enjoy a healthy palm at a fair price with zero risk.


Save Your Back

For a modest extra fee, Frank and his professional crew will safely and properly install (plant) your new palm trees on your property. Their experienced process will minimize transplant stress and labor liability.

Customer Location Before & After!

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Actual customer poolside installation of a new Louisiana Palm Farms Sylvester palm. Beautify your home and relaxation area with a quick call. We hope to hear from you soon. For more examples and before/after photos view our gallery.  (coming soon)

Frequently asked questions

Our most frequent questions and answers

Why should I plant live palm trees on my property?

The best way to create a truly magical, tropical, and exotic island-like setting is by adding beautiful palm trees.

Unique and unmistakable, palm trees can transform any patio, poolside, lanai or backyard; enhancing the natural beauty and exotic vibe of your outdoor retreat.

The calming sound of wind sifting through palm frons has graced the soundtrack of many hit movies and can do the same magic for your home.

Why buy palms from a local farm?

The prospect of researching, locating, buying, transporting, and planting tropical palm trees; and of course caring for them, is a serious consideration for home owners.

Luckily, expert palm tree providers like Louisiana Palm Farms have taken the guess-work, stress, transportation risk, and transplanting challenges upon themselves.

In fact, for home owners and landscapers alike, the acquisition of Sylvester, Sable, or other palm tree varieties is not only affordable — it can also be a zero-touch proposition!

What kind of palm tree should I buy?

Research shows that Sylvester palm trees are among the most popular palms. As such, they come in plenty of sizes, shapes, and cuts.

Healthy palms are transported and replanted to centrally located farms to pass on the savings to customers. This also allows folks to visit the farm and select their ideal palms personally at the source.

How hard is the care and upkeep of palms?

Palms are tough trees and withstand transplant shock very well. With a bit of care and patience, their natural green beauty recovers in just a few weeks.

The normal course of caring for your palms would include the occasional trim and cleaning up frons that fall from the tree naturally as it matures.

Can I plant palm trees myself?

Absolutely! If you have the right equipment and can follow instructions, we’ll be happy to talk you through the planting. 

Alternatively, we can do the entire process for you. Delivery and professional transplanting is a small extra fee and we deliver within 100 miles of our farm near Lafayette Louisiana.

How much do palm trees cost ?

You can expect to pay between $300 and $3500 for a palm, depending on the size and age.  There is also a charge for delivery and planting – usually a flat fee. 

We also have discounts for orders of several trees. This can help you save even more on our already low wholesale prices.

We also offer palm tree removal services for a small fee.

Louisiana Palm Farms

Erath Louisiana Near Lafayette. Centrally located in Acadiana with delivery for 100 mile radius. 

Wholesale prices to the public. Contractors and landscapers welcome. Call for appt to view our huge palm tree farm with over 600 palms in stack!